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Your voice and partner working towards better healthcare outcomes at lower costs.

First things first, we put money back into our members pockets. Our name, Health Direct Partners, is built on the model of a true partnership between employers and the hospital systems and physicians that bring better outcomes and lower costs. In reviewing your claims spend, Health Direct Partners is witnessing an average increase from year to year between 13% - 18% and in many cases even higher. That is a non-sustainable increase for any bottom-line to stay healthy. To off-set this increase, the average employer increases their co-payment or deductibles to the employee with little or no cost savings after implemented. With over 30 years of experience in our leadership team, we seek to save our members $1k per employee per year.


What We Do

The self-funded network alternative was built in association with hospital systems throughout the country that have developed integrated health services complete with physicians and health professionals being allowed to prove their quality and service by utilizing the tools of comprehensive medical management with the assistance of our team.

Compassionate Service

We provide world-class, ongoing support to ensure the accuracy and accomplishment of your payments savings to be HIPAA-compliant. Serving your unique claims quickly and comprehensively as we heavily reduce our members out of pocket expenses, and provide transparent reimbursement.

Data-Driven Expertise

We go back a minimum of one to three years to analyze your claims and total spend to unlock potential savings opportunities and develop cost reduction programs for employees.

A Healthier Community

We involve employees in the fight to lower healthcare costs by letting them know about what they can do to control costs. Educating your employees on what to ask their physicians when care is needed. Healthcare is never “free,” and it’s not the insurance company that’s paying the bills, it's both of you.


Who We Help

The goal of Health Direct Partners is to assist self-funded employer groups in taking back control over their health costs. Serving employer groups, big and small, nation-wide. More and more companies of all sizes are choosing to partner with their insurance companies and set aside funds to pay for the health care needs of just their own employees. And because companies are paying only for the health care costs of their own employees, there may be money left over at the end of the year that can go towards growing your business.



Our Team

We recognize our clients’ needs and deliver smarter solutions through relationship-building and data-driven cost saving strategies. Together, we work to maximize your healthcare experience and cost savings. Healthcare has evolved. At Health Direct Partners, our innovative team keeps you one step ahead.

Jack London

Jack London

President, CEO

Greg Shockey

Senior Partner

Hanna Barbera

Senior Partner

Donald Tucker

Senior Partner

Jennifer Lopez

Senior Partner